The 2nd Engineering InnoShow
"A small innovation can create wide circles of inspiration."
A showcase carnival that celebrates innovative Engineering student projects at the end of every semester
Date: November 29, 2019 Friday

Since HKU SMT has announced that all classes on Main Campus are suspended for the rest of the semester, the physical exhibition for the InnoShow in this semester is suspended.

The show will go on-line: Student projects will still be shown on the webpage, and will be invited to participate in the next InnoShow (at the end of the next semester).
About Engineering InnoShow

The Engineering InnoShow is a showcase carnival that celebrates innovative Engineering student projects at the end of every semester​. Participating students will have the opportunity to expound on their inventive design, research and projects; harness timely and constructive feedback given by peers, teachers, industry experts and the public through knowledge exchange; and spin talent and ideas into innovative (re)inventions. There are many reasons why Engineering InnoShow is a unique concoction of its missions and vision. We offer a vibrant, inter/multi-disciplinary and hands-on learning platform for students to create their own impact, in and out of the classroom. The showcases also paint junior fellows a concrete picture of what constitutes an exemplary work and open pathways for them to look at Engineering through the lens of their senior cohorts, whether they are from Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Environmental Engineering. We believe that Engineering united with hands-on experience is essential. It is our vision to inspire a generation of intrepid explorers and committed collaborators. At Engineering InnoShow, we are transmitting knowledge and values through narrative. Whether it is communicated in layman’s terms or field-specific terminologies, we hope that the seeds of creative minds will germinate and thrive.

Important dates & event rundown

Important dates

Date Task
17:00 noon, November 15, 2019 (Friday)
Deadline of application for showcasing projects.
November 29, 2019 (Friday)

Event rundown
The physical exhibition is suspended in this semester

Rundown on November 29 Event
8:30am – 10:00am
Demonstration setup
10:00am - 12:30pm
Project showcase and judging
12:45pm - 1:00pm
Award presentation ceremony
1:00pm - 2:00pm
Free exhibition and Robomaster workshop
Projects in the show
Coming soon 🙂
Participating courses

Featured Engineering Experiential Learning Projects

A number of Engineering experiential learning project teams are invited to showcase their innovative project works at the Engineering InnoShow.

Coordinator: Dr. C.K.Chui (Director, Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing, Faculty of Engineering)

COMP3330 Interactive Mobile Application Design and Programming

This course aims at introducing the design and development issues of mobile apps. Students will learn the basic principles, constraints and lifecycle of mobile apps. Then they will learn how to use modern object-oriented languages for the development and different design patterns. Next they will learn various development issues such as graphics, touch events, handling of concurrency, sensors, location services and server connection. Students will also participate in both individual assignments and group project to practice ideation, reading, writing, coding and presentation throughout this course.

Coordinator: Dr. T.W. Chim (Department of Computer Science)

Year 1 Engineering course
ENGG1320 Engineers in the Modern World

This is an introductory course designed for first year Engineering students. The course aims to enable students to learn about engineering in the modern world, with an emphasis on engineering businesses, systems, and entrepreneurship, and how to bring new ideas to market in both engineering startups and corporate settings. The main objective is to provide students with a broad knowledge on how engineering entrepreneurship plays a key role in the global economy. Students will learn to explore and critique entrepreneurship as a systematic approach to designing, launching and running an engineering business that offers a product, process or service for sale.

Coordinator: Dr. Ray Y. Zhong
(Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering)

Featured Workshop
HKU M2 Robotics team: 眀徳 格物

The HKU M2 Robotics is a multidisciplinary community for students who are passionate in advanced robotics. The team has achieved the 1st runner up in the Hong Kong Robocon robotic competition 2019. Members of the team will showcase their robots and explain their design and competition strategy during the workshop. 

Dr K. W. Kwok 
(Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Prof. Kenneth K.Y. Wong
(Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering)

Awards & Prizes

1. The best project award for each of the following participating courses.

  • ENGG1320 Engineers in the Modern World

2. (To be confirmed) HKUEAA award for achieving greater impact:  Selected teams will receive sponsorship to participate in external competitions or incubation/ entrepreneurship/ startup programmes.

* The awarding teams will need to consult the Director of the Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing before joining the competitions or programmes and should seek reimbursement after successful completion of the competitions or programmes. The sponsorship will be reimbursed on an accountable basis on or before 30 June, 2019 (including but not limited to original invoices and receipts or other evidence of payment).

2. Microsoft innovation prize:  The most innovative project will receive a prize (Microsoft Surface pro 6) from Microsoft.

Judging panel

To be announced

Organizing committee
Biomedical Engineering
Computing & Data Analytics
Design Specialist
My name is Austin. I am doing a double major in Biomedical Engineering and Computing & Data Analytics at the University of Hong Kong. My interest lies in advanced technology, building robots and coding. I am actively participating in Robocon, have experience in chatbot, app and web development. I hope that through InnoWing I get to continue my passion in working on new and exciting project.
Mechanical Engineering
Design Specialist
Leader of the Vayu Robotic Fish team
R.A. in the Dept. of Orthopedics and Traumatology

Timothy's interest lies in the intersection between the arts and sciences. He believes creativity and innovation come by working through with challenging and complex problems, which requires the ability to quickly cycle through different perspectives and approaches to the problems. His background and experience lie in engineering, design, and business, providing a diverse garden to cherry pick from. It is only through understanding others can we truly understand the big picture. You can find him hacking away at his little fish, if you're lost as to how to start your project, or where to go, he's the person you should find, you'll be back with your own bed of roses. 

Mohd Rezaul Karim Tharim (Reza)
Mechnical Engineering
Design Specialist
I believe ideas only take you a tenth of the way. Everyone has ideas, but seldom do they act on it. Execution is key.
The most common reason people fail at execution is either the lack of knowledge or lack of resources. Our objective with Inno Wing is to create a platform for ingenious students to innovate and bring their ideas to life. It will not only provide resources but also practical skills to help students achieve their goals.
Computer Engineering
Multimedia specialist
Desmond is an experienced Software Developer, Multimedia Producer with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in Mobile Application Development, Multimedia Production, Game Development, and Web Development. I believe that other than technical skills, how we can influence, or even inspire others with the use of multimedia is equally important. Having been engaged in a number of video production projects, including commercial advertisement production, I hope that I will be able to create stunning and influential videos for the InnoWing, making it truly a platform to spark innovation.
Computer Engineering
Multimedia specialist
Knowledge is power, but thinking outside the box is gold.   The university gave us a very good opportunity to gain knowledge, but gaining knowledge is not enough. I always feel like knowledge is just like pieces of a Go game, what you can do with it is endless. When you put the pieces together, each piece can have multiple functions and it all depends on how you put them together.  Simple ideas united into one can most definitely change the world. Think different, live different, make a change.
Vienne Lin
Communication and Applied Linguistics
Pedagogical Specialist
As a Communication and Applied Linguistics graduate, Vienne has always loved the writing and thinking processes. Her insatiable curiosity has led her to observe, learn and absorb as much as she can from those around her. She believes words hold power. Through narrative, students can transport each other to different realms and see what they can’t see.
Experiential learning officier
Department of Computer Science
My hobby is to make something cool. Through the making process, Makers have to overcome barriers like technical challenges, time management, frustration, procrastination... These experience is unique every time and it makes life fun too. Students may have learned a lot in school, and MAKE is the process to check their skill level. For me, learning is a life-long process, let's make something fun and we can all learn from it.
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

I feel honored to serve on the organizing committee to take forwards the students’ project showcase in the event which brings students and teachers close and act as a platform to breed innovative ideas.
Heartfelt thanks to our team of very motivated and dedicated committee members with their involvement shown. I am also grateful to the projects present here, the encouragement helps us to carry out such a meaningful event.
I am looking forward to more Engineering InnoShow events. With our collective efforts, they must be memorable and successful.

Technical manager
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

Innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization. In view of the irreversible impact of modern technology on the human race, it is my passion to work with the team to maximize our contributions in the areas we are currently serving. Through the endless creativity and new inspiration from our works, we hope our students will be equipped to be versatile and flexible, ready to walk on a successful path when stepping into the rapidly changing world.

Executive Officer
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

I am proud to be working at Innovation Wing team, in which the the team spirit motivates me to learn and grow. I always devote particular attention to innovation and technology in belief that innovation has the most impact on our future, and it’s necessary to prepare our students for this technology-driven world. 

Motivation is the spark that get us started. I am grateful to work with other committees with a lot of creativity here, which also inspires me with my son as a kid to create the fantastic moment.

Dr. C.K. Chui (Kit)
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong

We believe our future engineers should nourish a sense of mission to make a better world with technological innovations. Engineering educators should engage students to explore the world, creating opportunities for them to learn about the needs of the underprivileged, and acquiring practical work experience in developing solutions with real-world impact.


Dear Students,

Hello! We have an event during the last day of teaching in the semester for you that you definitely don’t want to miss 🙂
You are cordially invited to come to the Engineering InnoShow on the 10.00am – 12.30pm, 29th November 2019 at the Haking Wong podium.

  • Come to learn about the amazing Engineering projects done by our classmates in various Engineering courses including all disciplines and all levels (year 1 projects to final year projects to Engineering startup projects).
  • Come to showcase your project. There are attractive prizes and awards. (Priority given to project submitted on or before 15 November 2019).

Click here to submit your project:

We hope to see you there 🙂

Our best wishes to you all, and wish you all have a great performance in the final examination!

Dr. C.K.Chui
Tam Wing Fan Innovation Wing (coming in 2020)
Faculty of Engineering
The University of Hong Kong


Our sincere gratitude to our sponsors for their whole hearted support to the Engineering InnoShow 🙂

The Engineering InnoShow is a showcase carnival that celebrates innovative Engineering student projects at the end of every semester​

We offer a variety of flexible sponsorship options for the upcoming Engineering InnoShows.

Please contact Dr. C.K.Chui (Kit,, the Director of Innovation Wing, if you would like to be our event sponsors! Thank you!

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