Duckietown project 2019

Experiential learning project hosted in the Department of Computer Science
Project supervisor: Dr. Y.K. Choi (Department of Computer Science)

HKU Duckietown Project is an interdisciplinary project that aims to democratise A.I. and robotics research. Through this project, students will gain tangible experience in a fun and playful way in prototyping self-driving robots and applying A.I. to the physical education platform developed by MIT for experiential learning. A project highlight is the students’ participation in the A.I. Driving Olympics (AI-DO) international contests, with the live final events co-locate with NIPS and ICRA, the prestigious conferences in A.I. and robotics. Through the preparation of the competitions for over half a year, students will undergo intensive trainings, foster peer collaborations, solidify their knowledge and demonstrate a sustainable learning outcome.

Project leader: Woo Chung Yu (Angel), BEng(CompSc) 

Team member(s): Ng Ka Lok, BEng(ME); Yip Tsz Fung, BEng(ME); Ching King Him, BEng(CompSc); Li Jason Chun Lok, BEng(EE); Chen Wu Juang, BEng(CompSc)

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