Smart Soccer Robot

This project aims to design and develop a smart soccer robot by using some typical engineering techniques such as laser cutting, 3D printing, CAD design, Arduino control, etc. Students are able to learn different engineering principles and skills in the modern world, with an emphasis on engineering innovation, businesses, systems, and entrepreneurship, and how to bring new ideas to market in both engineering startups and corporate settings.


When the internet first came into existence, it came with a mission: to bring people closer together. After more than 20 years of development, we have witnessed the birth of many life-changing innovations like social networks. They can help in connecting us with more and more people, even distant ones, yet only in a virtual form. This is where the problem starts to emerge: virtual content and connections are dominating our lives, disconnecting us from the real world. This is a problem we would like to address with Ping. It is a next-generation social network aiming at reconnecting our users back to reality so that our users will be able to pay more attention to the people and events around them, but not only to the virtual content shown on a 5-inch screen in front of them.

AR application on simulating Lenon Wall

The app developed by our team is called Hearoad. This app is inspired by the Lennon Wall’s idea. We find out that Lennon Wall is popular among teenagers on expressing feelings and emotions, so we decided to develop an app using AR technique to simulate the Lennon Wall.
Our app having the functions to create memos written with your thoughts, opinions or feelings and we can stick these memos in the argument world using the AR technique. By applying the cloud technique, users can also read the memo written by other users and respond to the memo’s writer. The aims of our app are providing an innovative way for people to express their feelings, it has the features of location based and without filter bubble or echo chamber.

Drift Bottle

In view of the rising trend of mental health issues among students, measures are certainly needed to alleviate the serious situation. Drift Bottle is an innovative platform for students to express their emotions in a message-in-a-bottle style. With the help of artificial intelligence in the phases of content moderation and sentiment analysis, this platform is free of malicious content and solely for users to share their delightful or distressed moments. Moreover, specialist will be contacting users for consultation and guidance in order to support them mentally. We hope that through sharing your own thoughts and reading fellow peers’ stories, students could better manage their stress and emotions, and hence reducing the risk of having mental health issues.

MemoMe App

MemoMe is an Android Application aiming at improving teenager mental health. It integrates multiple functionalities, allowing users to express their emotions, give and get support from other people, make grounded to-do plans facing their problems.

It enables users to plan meaningful activities and get reward after completion. The reward can be used later in the online community. The community is where users can express themselves anonymously and give support or get support via virtual gifts. The gifts are bought by the coins received from to-do plan completion by the user.

This application targets at the prevalence of teenager anxiety these days. One the one hand, it offers a stress relieving platform for teenagers to express their feelings anonymously and help each other to face the common growing pains. On the other hand, making to-do plans are strongly encouraged as this will help them to ease the anxiety from the root.

The project has been submitted to Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Competition.


Relax, Recharge and Reflect! Pacifi offers a solution to depression, anxiety and stress. It is the first app of its kind in the market focusing on teenagers’ mental health.

The team members have recently made their submission to Samsung Competition and the app was made based on the theme provided to them by the Samsung.

Posture Eye

In modern society, we often need to sit in front of a computer and work long hours. People could easily develop neck pain or back pain if they have a poor sitting posture, which could cause excruciating and chronic pain over the years. Therefore, a good sitting posture is imperative to a healthy body.

Posture Eye is developed as a cure to this problem. This mobile application assist you in developing a good sitting posture by monitoring your sitting posture in real time. The app will be able to detect whether you are sitting in a straight, a hunch back (pressure on neck) or an arch back (pressure on back) position, and record your distribution of good and poor posture.

“Cognizance” – A mobile app for promoting mental health wellness for students

In today’s fast paced world, students in particular are suffering from mental health problems caused exam stress and social anxiety, leading to a rise in suicide rates and depression. Furthermore, discussing mental health problems remains a taboo in our society, preventing youngsters from approaching their family or friends for help. Cognizance, our mobile app, allows students to sign up confidentially and browse through various mindfulness activities designed for improving their mental state through their daily activities. Our mobile app uses data analytics and artificial intelligence for making personalised recommendations to users on the activities that best suit their mental health.

The project is currently participating in “Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Competition”.

Smart Laundry System

SLS (Smart Laundry System) by R.C. Tech Club aims to help hall residents in R.C. Lee Hall track the availability of laundry machines that are situated on the 16th floor using their mobile devices. Until now, residents had to go all the way to the 16th floor for laundry, only to find that the machines are full. We took advantage of a light indicator on the laundry machines that would tell us if the door of a machine is locked (when the machine is in use). Employing light sensors, the system collects information about the status of the doors (and hence, the status of the machines). Then, the system sends that data to our web infrastructure, to be displayed on a user-friendly website on a real-time basis, effectively making our laundry machines an IoT.

RoboFish (The VAYU project)

This project is the first endeavour of BREED HKU, HKU’s first bio-inspired robotics organisation. RoboFish is our very own robotic fish, controlled by a raspberry pi and powered by a battery, aimed at helping us learn more about underwater biomechanics. Not only does the fish have a high speed potential, but the project also involves the study of how fish movements are affected by different variables such as turbulence and drag. This targets the analysis of marine biology and ecosystems. Our model has many applications for research and development in the academic world, such as surveillance systems and sea exploration.